New Cover for a New Release! The Driver’s Seat by Casea Major

I am so excited to reveal the cover and release date of a new contemporary erotic romance titled,

The Driver’s Seat.

The Driver’s Seat is scheduled for release in October 19, 2012, and the smoking hot cover is the artistry of the lovely, Danielle Fine, who is also my editor. We are working feverishly to meet our deadlines.


Seattle Attorney, Belenda “Len” McCreevy has had one hellacious week, but when her battery dies during an ice storm in backwoods Wyoming, it only gets worse. The resort-bound Len is rescued by Jack, local mechanic with a Matthew McConaughey smile and a truck load of dominate appeal that has her hormones raging. It soon becomes clear he’s looking to service more than just her car, but while the man might be good with his hands, Len’s determined to maintain control and be on her way.

Against his better judgment, Jack agrees to let the stubborn woman drive off in the middle of the winter squall with the understanding that if he has to pull her out of a ditch, he’ll also spank her ass.

When Len careens off the road, more than just her car crashes at rock bottom. She swallows her pride and calls the only man who can help.

Stuck in the storm, the two find they have more in common than lust. But will Jack’s secret destroy their growing love and take him out of the driver’s seat?


He threw up his hands. “All right, darlin’. You can go.”

She continued to hold her composed smile, but her heart hammered. She knew it wasn’t the wisest decision to leave during a winter storm, but was staying there with grand master Teton any safer? The heat throbbing in her core and her wet panties said, no fucking way was this safer. “Thank you. I appreciate your help.”

He dangled her keys. She grabbed them and walked to the door as fast as she could without appearing to run.

“But darlin’,” His sexy drawl seduced her ears just before she opened the door.  “If I do have to dig you out of a ditch, I promise I will toss you over my knee, pull your panties down, and tap that ass until you can’t sit.”

She spun around to glare at him. Anger burned in her chest along with a host of other emotions she wasn’t about to confront. Using the one weapon that always bore success, she smiled seductively. “I’m not wearing panties.”

A bold-face lie that worked like a charm.

His eyes rolled back in his head and closed as he tried to control the desire that flashed over his rugged features. He took a deep breath, and she noticed the seams at the crotch of his pants looked a little strained.

She smirked in satisfaction. Works every time.

But then he was on her, pinning her against the glass door with his massive body. The entry bell jangled with the force. She couldn’t catch her breath. His hands roamed her sides. She couldn’t move or breathe or think and didn’t want to. The heat of him lit her on fire, and every place their bodies met ignited a flame.

He buried his nose in her hair and blew a moist breath in her ear. “Then won’t that make it easy.”

The lazy drawl sliced through her like a sharp knife into tender flesh. Goosebumps rose over her arms and the skin on the back of her neck tightened. Her nipples hardened, pressed against his chest. His presence crowded and demanded more space, making her shrink back, but the door held her in check. He pressed her upper body back against the glass as he snugly fit her lower body against him.

Her head fell back and banged the door as his iron-clad erection bore into her hip. She still couldn’t get enough breath, and the sound of her panting shocked her own ears.

She should be scared or at least panicked, but all she could feel was the pulsing between her legs. And his obvious regard against her hip.

He slipped his hands to her back and cupped her ass, holding her firmly in place. His lips feathered down her neck then traveled to her mouth. He placed the softest, sweetest, lingering kiss on her. Her knees turned to goo. If he hadn’t held her up with his body weight, she would’ve slithered to the floor. Hot didn’t do him justice. Molten worked better. His mouth was soft, but insistent. Hard but gentle. A contradiction that she could spend a lifetime analyzing. But right now she was just going to enjoy.

He pulled away and said in a husky voice that concentrated the firestorm between her legs, “Sure I can’t convince you to stay?”

Stay tuned for more updates! I’m so looking forward to sharing more of this story.

4 responses

  1. Lynn Myshe Joseph

    Loved reading this….cant wait to see the finished product!!!

    September 24, 2012 at 10:38 pm

  2. This sounds like a hot sexy read, a la Casea Major! Love the cover! Congrats on your impending release!

    September 24, 2012 at 10:56 pm

  3. Congratulations Casea! You’ll make it!!!

    Great cover and excerpt!


    September 25, 2012 at 7:10 am

  4. What a sexy cover. I really enjoyed the excerpt also. Congrats on the gorgeous cover, chicklette!

    September 25, 2012 at 6:29 pm

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