WINNERS for The Bewitching and Alpha Males Blog Hops!

Welcome Hoppers!

 — You are in the right place.

I had a great RELEASE Day party for The Driver’s Seat – My new erotic contemporary!! And it’s a party!!

And here are the winners.

The $10 Gift Card goes to Jessica B.!!!! Yay, Jessica. Congratulations.

And the winners of the e-books are: Sharon Clare, Marlena Fein, Tamara Hoffa!

For Everyone who took the time — Thanks for stopping by! Come back to visit anytime!

Don’t forget The Driver’s Seat is now available on Amazon!

WARNING: This story contains explicit sex, spanking and a sexy hot Alpha Male.

Seattle Attorney, Belenda “Len” McCreevy has had one hellacious week, but when her battery dies during an ice storm in backwoods Wyoming, it only gets worse. The resort-bound Len is rescued by Jack, local mechanic with a Matthew McConaughey smile and a truck load of dominate appeal that has her hormones raging. It soon becomes clear he’s looking to service more than just her car, but while the man might be good with his hands, Len’s determined to maintain control and be on her way.

Against his better judgment, Jack agrees to let the stubborn woman drive off in the middle of the winter squall with the understanding that if he has to pull her out of a ditch, he’ll also spank her ass.

When Len careens off the road, more than just her car crashes at rock bottom. She swallows her pride and calls the only man who can help.

Stuck in the storm, the two find they have more in common than lust. But will Jack’s secret destroy their growing love and take him out of the driver’s seat?

You can purchase The Driver’s Seat at Amazon.

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