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Daryl Devore and A Sexual Release with Toys

Yes — I meant it! In her new erotic fantasy, Capri’s Fate, Daryl delves into the Adult Toy arena and it is mmm…hot, slippery fun!

CaprisFateGrab a cup of coffee and settle back while I talk about my newly released erotic contemporary fantasy, Capri’s Fate.

Capri is dragged to a sex toy convention by her best friend. I, honestly, had no idea she was going there until I typed it. What I based the Erotic Notions Sex Show (private joke) on was Sexapalooza, a real adult consumer show.

I’ve never been to one and I think I captured Capri’s basic fear when she discovers that’s where she is.

“Well, it seems like a popular attraction.” I paid the cabbie, and we followed the crowd into the building. As I read the convention billboard, my feet froze to the sidewalk. I snapped my face in her direction. “Erotic Notions! The…the sex show!”

“Yup. Keep moving. You’re blocking people behind us.” She nudged my arm to urge me forward. “I pre-ordered tickets. You just need to pay.”

“I’m not going in there.” I moved to the side and placed my hands on my hips.

“Oh, come on.” Kat tugged my elbow. “It’ll be fun. What else were you going to do tonight? Wash your hair?”

“But, what if…” My stomach dropped to my knees.

“Don’t say it. I know, what if someone sees us. Girl, we’re over twenty-one. We’ve both been married and divorced. We’re thirty-three.”

“Excuse me. Thirty-two until August.”

“Thirty-two. Geesh. But still, I think we’re labeled as cougar wannabees. Not old enough to be a cougar. Not young enough to be a cheerleader.”

I opened my mouth to voice another valid complaint, but Kat shushed me with a perfect teenage roll of her eyes and the first logical thing she’d said all night. “If somebody sees us, they’re in there too—duh!”

Items to find in a sex toy convention. Clothes, more specifically, a bustier. This sexy item plays a big part in the story. The moment Capri spots the red silk one, she is in love.

“Well, let’s try lingerie. I have this gorgeous red bustier, with…” Patsy poked her fingers through the bra part. “With the playfulness of being a peek-a-boo.”

Something—someone?—nudged my arm. Of its own accord, my hand reached out and my fingers grabbed the bustier out of Patsy’s grip. I had always wanted one of these. To me, it symbolized a sexual tigress. A woman who can strut into a room and capture every man’s attention. Of course not me. Not in a hundred years.

“I have this regal blue one.” Pasty held it out. “It matches your eyes.”

I didn’t hand the red one back to her. I couldn’t. Red’s my favorite color.

CaprisFate_EbookCover Brain fart moment – when I listed important things that should be on the cover never thought of bustier. See first cover. Editor asked – why didn’t I mention red bustier?  Cover designer was wonderful and ta da – new cover! (Kayden McLeod designer the cover.)

Other things to find at a sex show. Sex toys. Let’s start with the obvious – a dildo.

As an aside, there is a town in Newfoundland that is called Dildo Run. Not lying- they even have a provincial park called – Dildo Run Provincial Park –

As I was researching dildos – now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d type – anyway – what caught my attention was a glass one. Capri’s thoughts at the moment she is shown one are pretty much my own.

“If you are into the more sensuous.” Patsy picked up a glass dildo. “This little baby is called A Woman’s Delight. The latest in the glass line. Its ridges and g-spot teasers are designed to heat up your playtime. I know what you’re thinking, but it’s completely non-porous, so it stays germ-free.”

“No. No.” I waved my hand at it. “I’m more worried it’ll break. I mean, it’s glass. And…uh…where it’s supposed to go…I mean…um…”Puul-lease beam me out of here, Scotty.

She patted my shoulder. “They’re built really strong, dearie.”

“Oh, good.” My smile was a pathetic little one, but it was the best I could do.

Poor Capri, all she wanted was dinner with her friend. What she got was – a trip to a sex toy convention, a glass dildo, a bustier, a Fate, a pet komodo dragon and a love that will last into eternity.

Blurb – What’s a woman to do when a voice follows her home and makes mad, passionate love to her?

Corporate business woman, Capricious Gray, is dragged to a sex toy convention by her best friend. Once a shocking, mysterious disembodied voice helps her with her purchases, it follows her home. Passion ensues, leaving Capri torn between lust for her fantasy lover and the desperate need for reality in her life.

Thall, son of one of the Fates, harbors the irrepressible need to be with the woman he’s desired from afar for years. In order to make her his, once and for all, he must help Capri get past her fears, including the fear of what he represents – a fantasy.

Can fantasy become a reality for these two lovers?

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